Africans United Communities of Charlottesville (AUCCville) is a non-profit in Charlottesville.

We foster unity and solidarity among all the people from the African countries who have chosen Virginia and the United States as their second home.

We help new comers settle and succeed in their integration within the Virginia and the local Charlottesville community, with the aims of soon helping those beyond this community.

We encourage African refugees and immigrants to pursue their education once they have arrived and settled in the United States.

We promote African cultures and identities by having the delegates of each country teach it to those who are willing to learn.

We advocate and protect newly arrived African families and individuals from being exploited and unlawfully discriminated against.

We encourage people from African countries living in the United States, particularly in the state of Virginia, to maintain contact with their roots. Likewise, we encourage them to maintain contact with their families who reside in their countries of origin.

We motivate and help African refugees and immigrants in Virginia to participate and to contribute effectively in the life of their new communities.